Lucky for you

Lucky for you, I’m a hard core lover. I wear my heart on my sleeves and I’m an unapologetic sucker for love and commitment.

I can’t imagine how people tend not to put all their eggs in one basket when it comes to love. I Will never understand how they can be here and there at the same time. I can’t fathom out how they shower love in trickles instead of opening the whole GP Tank.

Lucky for you, I’m not them.

Lucky for you, I will love you till my last breath. Lucky for you, I won’t leave you at crossroads. Lucky for you, you’ll always be sure of the love I have for you because I will cease each day to pour it all on you like the woman with the alabaster box. I will wear your heart like a badge everywhere I go and ensure it doesn’t fall to the ground. Lucky for you, you can take my name to the Love Bank any time, any day and you’ll always find our account stocked up with lots of love.

You can cash out as you like.

Lucky for you, I’m healed now. If you probably met me one year ago when I was still in a pool of blood bleeding and recovering at the same time from the deep cut in my heart, I’m not sure I would have paid so much attention to you. Lucky for you, my heart’s as good as brand new.

Purged, freed and delivered.

Lucky for you, I’ll never get tired of listening to you. In the good and the bad days, my ears will forever itch to hear you tell me all about them. I’ll hold your hand and take you on a stroll in a park, a garden or even the streets just to hear you talk for hours. Your voice will forever be like a soothing lotion to my heart.

And even when you have no words to say, I’ll bask in the silence with you because even in the silence, a thousand things are still being said.

Lucky for you, I love deep conversations. In as much as I love to listen to you, I also love to talk to you. I’m no small talker. I won’t just ask you how your day was and leave it at that. I love details and I pay attention to them. Like how in the middle of the conversation, you mention how your favorite food is peppered snail passively and I quickly place an order for it the next day for you.

Lucky for you, I will spoil you.

Lucky for you, I like food. I like food so much it’s easy to steal your way into my heart. It’s easier to make it up it to me when we get into fights. It’s easier to bribe me and get me to do things. A box of food and a thoughtful note is all that has to do the magic. You’re lucky I like food bruv. You’re lucky.

Lucky for you, I’m a home buddy. So you won’t really spend so much taking me to exotic places. Maybe once in a month or twice. But I’ll love being at home with you lost in each other’s arm. And even when we finally decide to step out, the world won’t still matter because you’ll be all I see and hear.

Lucky for you, I’m a low key comedian. I will make you laugh and forget your sorrows literally. Happiness will be your natural disposition. Cracking jokes here and there. Making funny faces here and there. I’m good at it and I know so, so when I say you’re Lucky, you are.

Lucky for you, I’m an amazing writer. I’ll write you words everyday. Notes littered around every corner of our home. You’ll wake up to love newsletters delivered to your email every Monday and Friday. Doses of words of affirmation every Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Hand written love letters every Thursday and Saturdays. PowerPoint presentations with bullet points every Sundays. You’re in for a ride of your life.

Lucky for you, I’m a content creator. I love to take cute pictures and videos of my loved ones and yours will top the list. No beautiful moment of ours will be lost in transit. I’ll document every one of them. Top tier will be the unaware videos of you probably eating, sleeping, working on your system or doing a weird dance then sit back and bask in those memories when you’re away working late hours or out of town. Every tiny bit of moment.

Lucky for you, I loved you even before I met you because I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.

I hope this letter finds you well xx

Love and light.



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